Throwing a party is anything but easy as you have to prepare everything in advance and make sure that everything goes well. But where to find good places for your birthday, wedding or simple weekend when you want to have some fun in Arizona? We will present to you the top 5 party rentals AZ so you could choose the most suitable place for your party.

Cake Nightclub

If you are a fan of a chateau-like place where you can throw a party for your birthday, then look no further as Cake Nightclub offers you everything you need for the celebration! It is ornamented with classy chandeliers, a lot of booths and gilded fixtures, as well as a huge dancing floor!

The venue can accommodate up to 350 people, which more than enough for your celebration! The whole club has a French vibe, especially due to the crystal chandeliers that are there to give the bourgeois look and elegance.

Soundwave Pool Party

Party In Disco

People Enjoy In Party

When the temperature is high and the party is going hot, the best way to cool yourself is to jump in the pool and swim! This place is one of the best party destinations during the hot days and nights as you can jump into the pool anytime you want and refresh yourself, or even get sober when you drink too much. As it is one of the most popular places, many famous DJs are spinning the vinyl every weekend and you can easily bump into names like Skrillex or Gueta!


For everyone who like latin music, this is the best club you can find in Arizona! From classic latin music, to reggaeton and hiphop – you can listen to all of these genres! Every Friday, there is a live ensemble of professional musicians who are there to play some of the biggest latin hits!

The dance floor is crowded all the time with go-go dancers and it shined with the superb light show and backed up with confetti canyons! Also, you can enjoy every weekend some of the exclusive drinks at the discounted prices! Q Lounge can be the best destination both for birthday parties, but also for wedding parties. Just make sure you call them earlier to make sure they reserve it for you!

Copper Blues

Party In Brazil

Big Carnival Party

It is one of the best bar/restaurant places where you can enjoy the traditional dishes, live music and craft beers! There are also signature cocktails that are available all the time! Just make sure you call them to reserve your table, as this is packed every night! Though may not be an appropriate wedding place, it is great for birthday parties. The true rock/blues place that you should not miss!

Angels Trumpet Ale House

For all fans of laid-back, casual lounge-like bar, do not skip this place! The delicious dishes, high quality craft beers and neutral setting is the real description of this place! The perfect choice for those that do not like the classic party locations like pubs, bars and restaurants!