Usually, women are the one who is dreaming of having a huge wedding with few hundred people and men are just thinking of inviting a small group of close friends and celebrating like that. Well, in most cases this causes some issues to arise, but men usually let this go because they don’t really care. However, in some cases, things are a little more complicated than that and people have no choice but to have a small wedding with just the close friends and family.

Some people are afraid of having a small wedding because they think that it will not be as fun as having a huge one. Well, that is not true because I have been organizing few smaller weddings myself and I can say with confidence that those were one of the best weddings that I ever attended. So, if you are thinking of having a smaller wedding, I really suggest that you go for it. Here are some of the advantages of having a small wedding that might help you decide.

Spending Less Money

The first and most obvious advantage is that you will be spending less money than you would on a huge wedding. This is a clear advantage that is the main reason why people want small weddings in the first place. Why would you want to have few hundred people at your wedding when you are not even that close to them. The money you save from your wedding can be spent on various things, like your home.

Easier Planning

Small WeddingThe second advantage is that you will have a much easier time planning it out. That is if you have decided not to hire a wedding planner. If you have a wedding planner, then you will be saving money once again because there will be fewer services to provide. However, I personally think that no matter the size of your wedding, you should always leave the planning to a professional because you don’t want to end up with an awful wedding memory. A wedding planner will make that day the perfect one that you have been dreaming about.